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Predicting survival after CRS and HIPEC in colorectal cancer

Patient selection for HIPEC and outcome may be improved significantly with a tool that adequately predicts survival in these patients. Dr Simkens and co-workers from the Catharina Cancer Institute, the Netherlands identified four parameters that appeared prognostically relevant factors for overall survival: age, PCI score, locoregional lymph node status, and signet ring cell histology.

This was turned into a prognostic nomogram that was termed “Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases Prognostic Surgical Score” (COMPASS). This can be used as tool to assist in the decision about continuing cytoreduction and HIPEC and can provide valuable information in the follow-up period after CRS + HIPEC.


“Development of a Prognostic Nomogram for Patients with Peritoneally Metastasized Colorectal Cancer Treated with Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC” by dr Simkens and colleagues in the Annals of Surgical Oncology (2016) (view in Pubmed)