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HIPEC improves survival in advanced ovarian cancer patients

HIPEC improves survival in Ovarian Cancer patients

Today, January 17th 2018, a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine showing a significant improved survival of patients suffering from advanced ovarian cancer when they were treated with HIPEC. On average, patients that were treated including HIPEC lived 12 months longer than patients without HIPEC. The addition of HIPEC to the treatment did not result in more complications or treatment-related death. The study was carried out in the Netherlands by Dr Willemien van Driel and co-workers. According to oncological surgeon Dr Ignace De Hingh (contact), president of the Dutch Peritoneal Oncology Group and one of the co-authors, this study marks a big step forwards in the treatment of ovarian cancer patients. “This is a very encouraging result and we are now looking for ways to implement this treatment in the Dutch healthcare system”.