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    First PSOGI International Symposium on Advanced Ovarian Cancer, Athens

    From April 11-13 2019, the first PSOGI International Symposium on Advanced Ovarian Cancer will be organised in Athens. Hosted by John Spiliotis and Paul Sugarbaker.

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    HIPEC improves survival in advanced ovarian cancer patients

    A Dutch study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown a survival benefit of 12 months in ovarian cancer patients when treated with HIPEC.

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    3rd Biennial St George Hospital Peritonectomy Conference

    This two day conference will provide updates on CRC Peritonectomy French trials, as well as ovarian and gastric cancer Peritonectomy Dutch trials

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    Patient information

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    Information about HIPEC in Persian

    درمان هایپک اساسأ جهت حذف تمام سلول های سرطانی از حفره شکمی از طریق ترکیب جراحی با شیمی درمانی گرمایشی در حفره شکمي انجام مي شود. هدف این درمان بهبود بقای طولانی مدت یا گاهأ علاج قطعي بیمار است. این عمل تحت بیهوشی عمومی انجام می شود و معمولا شش تا هفت ساعت طول می کشد. با این وجود، پروسیجرهای طولانی تری ممکن است نیاز باشد.

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    CAIRO6 Randomised Controlled Trial

    The CAIRO6 RCT in The Netherlands aims to investigate the value of systemic therapy to CRS and HIPEC in colorectal peritoneal metastases

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    Double layered intestinal anastomosis after CRS and HIPEC

    A safe and reliable intestinal reconstruction is of utmost importance in such patients. This instructional video demonstrates the performance of a double layered ileo-colic anastomosis performed by a GI-fellow and supervised by an attending surgeon.

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